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Today the BVI is an international market leader in company formations. BVI companies are used extensively for structuring cross border transactions, because they are tax neutral in the BVI. Our modern company law creates corporate vehicles that offer political stability, flexibility and confidentiality, whilst adhering to prudential standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has established a state of the art Commercial Court facility in the BVI. Belmont Trust Limited provides a full range of corporate services.


In 1993 the Trustee (Amendment) Act was passed. It updated British Virgin Islands statute law by including certain provisions that had previously been effective only if included in the trust instrument. It gives greater flexibility in respect of perpetuities and provides for the establishment of purpose trusts. Additional amendments were passed in 2004 and the introduction of the VISTA trust regime in 2004 has put the BVI at the forefront of the offshore trust industry. Belmont Trust Limited provides a full range of fiduciary services

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