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Six Capital Investments Limited Placed into Insolvent Liquidation in BVI

26 February 2018

Six Capital

On 13 February 2018, Victor Goh of Baker Tilly TFW LLP and Hadley Chilton of Baker Tilly in the British Virgin Islands were appointed Joint Liquidators of Six Capital Investments Limited, a British Virgin Islands corporation. 

The company traded as part of the SIXCAP group, described as a FinTech group of companies managed from Singapore, providing FX currency trading and gaming. Media reports in late 2017 included details of users complaining of being unable to cash out from a web-based strategy game.

A meeting of the creditors of the Company will be held at the offices of Baker Tilly TFW LLP and by telephone conference on 6 March 2018 commencing at 11.00am (Singapore Standard Time).

Creditors should lodge particulars of their claims to restructuring@bakertillybvi.com as soon as possible and before noon on 5 March 2018.  If creditors wish to make a claim in the liquidation, details of the claim should be supplied using the attached form and full supporting documentation including correspondence with the company should be appended to the claim.

The Liquidators displace the directors in the management of the company and are working to obtain full books and records of the company from the former management and to collect in the remaining assets. The Liquidators are also in correspondence with lawyers for groups of creditors and individuals who have contacted the Liquidators.

The appointment means that any person wishing to commence or continue any proceeding against the company would require leave of the BVI Court to do so, which is designed for all creditors and persons with an interest in the company to instead claim in the liquidation in order that all matters pertaining to company and its insolvency can be dealt with efficiently.

Customers are also requested to inform the Liquidators of any matters regarding the company that should be brought to their attention at restructuring@bakertillybvi.com.

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