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Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan is a contingency arrangement which allows a company to prepare in advance for a "rainy day". The rainy day, also referred to as a disaster, could take the form of a hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood or simple loss of power or virus attack, and could partially or completely interrupt the key business activities of a company.

Living in a zone that is susceptible to hurricanes creates its own challenges, but what would happen if your server crashed tonight? What if your building were to become engulfed in flames one Saturday afternoon? Where is your data? Do you have a plan in place to conduct business in the event of a disaster?

It is important to ensure that the BCP is realistic and current and highlights the procedures which should be taken in the event of a disaster. These procedures if applied during or after the disaster could potentially save a company from closure and reduce its risk of loss of revenue and profits.

Business Continuity Reviews will bring peace of mind to your business!

We can assist your Company with:

  • The development of a BCP which suits your organisational goals, objectives and activities, where you do not already have one;
  • The review and testing of the adequacy of any already existing plan to ensure it is realistic and current; and
  • Ensuring all staff are aware of the BCP

While asking you the right questions, we can help management create a solid plan that will empower your business to operate effectively, even if disaster strikes.

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