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Information Technology Security

Does your business know how to secure its data? Many people still believe that the only danger to their data is an outside intruder "hacking" into their network and manipulating or stealing files. If someone within your organisation stole your files, would you know?

We can help you determine not only if your firewall is properly configured, but also whether you have adequate internal security controls to protect your valuable data. We offer several security solutions including:

  • Infrastructure Security Strategy – this is our method of helping you to protect your data internally. We will first provide you with a strategy to protect your data with your existing hardware and software. Then, starting with your network, we will secure your computers and servers and your data, following which we will show/teach you how to manage it all.
  • Perimeter Security Strategy – this provides you with a comprehensive solution to protect your network infrastructure from outside intrusion. We will assess your firewall if you have one and make recommendations if you don’t. We will then show you how to monitor and manage it.
  • Access Control Strategy – this is a solution that allows us to help you manage who has access to your network, your computers, and even your building.


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